Satya Nadella only has to do one thing to succeed

If the new Microsoft CEO wants to truly make the $300 billion giant relevant again then he has to focus on one simple task and produce one product to cream Google, Facebook, Apple and anyone else who dares to doubt the Redmond giant.

Microsoft needs an OS that is not Windows and that has absolutely nothing to do with its legacy applications. They can integrate Bing, Office, and almost every other application, but not give a damn about supporting every single IT department in the world.

It’s that simple.

The reason why Microsoft is irrelevant or doesn’t seem to be able to get with it like the cool new kids is because Microsoft is stuck in the past. It is keeping that huge Windows installed base happy.

But, Microsoft knows more about operating systems and applications than any other company in the world. It knows more about supporting developers with tools and services than any other company in the world. It has more distribution channels than any other tech company in the world.

It just needs to say, You got Windows and it does what it does. You want to protect your investment in your legacy applications and infrastructure, it’s going to cost you.

Then, Microsoft needs to say, Now that we have resolved the geezer part of our business, let’s keep it real and give a shout out to the future with our new operating system: Doors.

Microsoft’s Doors is a completely integrated OS with built-in network connectivity, a suite of applications, and tools that make Chrome OS look like a lost kindergartner in the Stanford University quad.

Satya, dude, my man. You read books. A lot. You may have read that thing about some Greek guys who got into a wooden horse because they got fed up of beating their heads against the fortified doors of Troy for ten years. 

They sucker punched the Trojans and beat the crap out of them. Not in a nice way either.

I’d like to see you, Satya, buddy, make Microsoft into the killing machine it once was. You just need to get into the center of the things and Microsoft Doors is your Trojan horse.

You are not going to do crap with Windows and Office that is not already being done. They’re cash cows, we get it.

You need something fresh, and there is nothing fresher than a new OS to beat up on Android, iOS, OS X, Chrome OS etc. etc. You need a dog in this fight. Windows is an overweight poodle with a bad dye job. 

You don’t have to thank me, Satya. I know that you are getting all kinds of advice to turn the company around and I am sure you are pretty smart dude. But, it’s just one simple thing.

How hard can it be for a $300 billion company to build a competitive OS when they know everything there is to know about building them?