The biggest game franchise of 2013 is officially……

GTA V is officially the biggest game franchise of 2013, making well over a billion and selling 32.5 million copies . And with the game’s massive success, the profits for Take-Two Interactive has more than doubled.

According to Variety, Take-Two had made profits of $210.7 million, and a big sign that’s pointing to the future of gaming, 42% of the revenue came from digital sales. We’ve previously reported on TGD, digitally downloading games is where a lot of people feel the market is going, and we could end up seeing game stores going out of business, just like video stores are a thing of the past.


In addition to GTA V, the companies NBA 2K14 and WWE 2K14 titles also sold very well for Take-Two, with NBA selling over five million copies. But clearly, GTA V is the big daddy of them all. In fact, you’ll probably recall that it made $800 million the first day, and hit the billion dollar mark its third day on sale.

In fact, the site CVG ( predicts that GTA V could become the biggest standalone console game in history. This report also asked whether there will be a PC verison of the game, but Take-Two declined comment.