Microsoft is on the Threshold

Software king of the world Microsoft is about to release a wave of products next year under the code word “Threshold”.

According to ZDNet, Microsoft Executive Vice President Terry Myerson recently mentioned the Threshold codename in an internal email about plans for his unified operating-system engineering group.

Threshold includes updates to all three Xbox One, Windows and Windows Phone flavours and will encourage them to share more elements between them. As we reported last week, Window RT is being thrown under a convenient bus.

Apparently the name Threshold derives from the planet around which the first halo ring orbited in the original Halo game launched back in 2001. Threshold joins “Cortana,” Microsoft’s answer to Siri. Cortana is not to be confused with Cortina which is the chosen vehicle of a troubled youth.

What appears to be happening is that Threshold is more of an idea than an actual product. It is the apps which will link the three flavours of Windows.

Xbox One, Windows 8.x and Windows Phone 8 OS share a common Windows NT core and Vole is trying to build a single app store across its Windows platforms. Threshold will also mean making the developer toolset for all three of these platforms more similar.

Threshold will spread to Office, Bling, IT management and other things that Vole is playing with now.

The shy and soon to be retiring CEO Steve Ballmer has already hinted as much about Threshold in his glorious “One Microsoft” speech.

ZDNet claims that Vole will be ready to ship an update to Windows 8.1 around the same time that it delivers Windows Phone “Blue.” That is happening in the spring next year. 

Source: TechEye