AMD Kaveri leaked on the web

Hot Hardware has got its paws on leaked slides of AMD’s next-generation Kaveri APU.

The chip is important to AMD’s recovery and will incorporate architectural changes to the Bulldozer CPU AMD launched two years ago and the first chip to use a graphics core derived from AMD’s GCN Graphics Core Next architecture.

A strong Kaveri launch could give AMD back some momentum in the enthusiast business which is something it has lost lately.

The slides indicate that Kaveri’s Steamroller CPU core separates some of the core functions that Bulldozer unified. It should improve the chip’s front-end execution. It can decode four instructions per core or 16 instructions per quad-core module.

The downside is the clockspeed which has slid by 10 per cent. The 10-7850K reportedly has a base clock of 3.7GHz and a maximum Turbo Mode of 4GHz compared to a 4.1GHz base / 4.4GHz Turbo for the A10-6800K.

All this might have been done to bring the chip into the desired power range and might explain a few rumours that Kaveri’s CPU improvement was pretty pants.

The A10-7850K will have a 512 core GPU while the A10-7700K will be 384-core. The GPU clock speeds are down from 844MHz on the A10-6800K to 720MHz on the new A10-7850K.

On the plus side the graphics performance should still be 15-20 per cent better thanks to a wider core. The new GPUs will support Mantle and AMD’s TrueAudio.

The A10-7850K could give AMD a serious improvement over previous chips, though it’s not going to close the gap dramatically with Haswell. It would appear that the A10-7850K is a 95W TDP.

What is missing from the slide is the news as to whether Kaveri will support the new Crossfire DMA engine that improves the R9 290X and R9 290’s performance in multi-GPU mode. That might make things better but generally it looks like Kaveri could be disappointing. 

Source: TechEye