PlayStation 4 Looking To Gain Speed This Holiday

Okay, so Xbox One is the current leader in the console wars, but Xmas is just around the corner, and this should be the real test for who comes out the winner. In fact, Sony’s making a big push to try and bring PlayStation 4 up to speed. 

As Ad Week reports, there’s going to be a major TV and viral marketing effort to sell more PlayStations this Xmas. As Guy Longworth, who is the senior vice president of brand marketing for PlayStation, “Our sales have been promising.”

Longworth continues, “Yeah, the economy may be soft. But a large chunk of the population is working and making money. The new one is $200 cheaper [than PlayStation 3]. We invest in what we think is the appropriate amount of money to launch a platform, and our competitors will no doubt do whatever they think is right.” 

Longworth confirmed that Sony is “shifting more money into digital media. Especially as we go through the holiday season, we want to be where our customers are spending more and more of their time.” And indeed, the focus for PlayStation is “the core gamer,” where XboxOne had a more wide-ranging appeal with consumers. 

So can PlayStation 4 come up in the race and ultimately win this season’s console wars? Again, Xmas will be the real test, and we’ll certainly be watching.