Linaro 12.09 goes live with Android Jelly Bean support

Linaro is a not-for-profit (NFP) engineering organization tasked with consolidating and optimizing open source for ARM architecture, such as the Linux kernel, power management, graphics and multimedia interfaces. 

Of course, Linaro also providess ARM tools, Linux kernels and builds of key Linux distributions (including Android and Ubuntu) on member SoCs – although it primarily focuses on optimized open-source support of the ARM v7A architecture, for example SoCs which contain a Cortex-A8 or dual-core Cortex-A9 processor. 

The organization recently released version 12.09, which includes Linux Kernel 3.6-rc6 and Android Jelly Bean. 

As expected, the latest iteration of Linaro offers further improvements for Android 4.1.1, including OS benchmark characterization, an ARMv8 OpenEmbedded image, UEFI bootloader support for Vexpress, origen and pandabords, along with a number of optimizations for ARM’s big.LITTLE and power management.

A further breakdown of features (via CNX-Software) for Android includes:

* All Linaro patches are now available on Jelly Bean.

* Accelerated graphics is now available on Snowball Jelly Bean build.

* AndEBench, AndEBench Java, Linpack, CaffeineMark, Antutu 2D and 3D, NBench, Quadrant, I/O Benchmark, Vellamo benchmark hotspot characterization are available.

* An Origen tracking build is available and will be released this cycle as a Linaro Evaluation Build (LEB).

* Audio works on Origen running Jelly Bean (WAV file only).

* A Monkeyrunner script to run Streamline has been completed.

* First rev of the NI PXIe-4154 based power measurement system is created. * In-tree AOSP tests have been automated.

Interested? You can check out further release details here.