Playstation Mobile comes to Vita

Sony has launched its Playstation smartphone app for the Playstation Vita.

This gives owners of the company’s newest handheld system the ability to download a whole bunch of new games, many of them cheap and accessible to players of all ages.

It’s the same app that users will find on handsets like the Xperia Play. HTC also recently announced it would be bringing the Playstation Mobile platform to its devices.

Sony has been on a very strong push to expand its presence in the mobile environment. That’s why last year, it bought out its long-time partner Ericsson to create a Sony-centric mobile company.

Sony Ericsson always existed as something that seemed to be completely separate from Sony and completely separate from Ericsson, leaving it is a sort of smartphone black hole.

Now, though, the company formerly known as Sony Ericsson is called Sony Mobile Communications.

Eventually, Sony’s goal is most likely to get people to look at their tablet, their smartphone, their game console, their TV, etc etc etc, as being from the same company.

But even if you buy a phone other than one that was built by Sony, it wants you to be able to connect your devices wirelessly. So unlike Microsoft, which offers Xbox content on Windows Phone devices, Sony wants to bring mobile Playstation experiences to as many people as possible.