Skype Android app fixes security, adds 3G calling

Skype erases security concerns and adds features in one shot.

The new version of the Skype for Android app, version, claims to have patched the serious vulnerability that came to light last week. Due to a hole in the app’s data collection, personal information was easily exposed.

Now, in what almost looks like an offer to make up for the security glitch, Skype has added the ability to place phone calls over a phone’s data network. Previously, users were only able to send instant messages over the app, or place calls using their phone’s existing calling plan.

The controversial idea of letting users turn mobile data into a makeshift VoIP (voice-over IP) service has been a strong point of contention for the major carriers. As a result, Skype has refrained from adding the feature.

All bets are off with this latest update, though. Regardless of what carrier you use, you can now call anyone, anywhere without using a minute of your phone’s calling plan. You do, of course, have to pay Skype’s standard fees.