Is global warming a bigger threat than Skynet?

Well, hey now! Al “ManBearPig” Gore must be on vacation, because Avatar director James Cameron has taken it upon himself to warn humankind about the dangers of global warming.

That’s right. 

According to Cameron, global warming is a clear and present danger that outweighs just about everything – including the possibility of AI-powered machines taking over planet Earth.

“Skynet was supposed to go operational tonight,” Cameron recently tweeted.

“[But] instead of machines taking over, we have the very real threat of global warming.”

As every sci-fi fan knows, Skynet is a fictional, AI-based U.S. military defense system that eventually decides to wage war against humanity in the Terminator franchise.

Of course, the April 19, 2011 date named by Cameron is actually based on the “Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles” timeline, rather than August 1997 milestone from the original film.

Cameron – who directed the original Terminator films, Aliens and Titanic – is reportedly writing the script for two sequels to his blockbuster Avatar film.

Personally, I have no problem with James Cameron spouting off about global warming, climate change, oil spills or Skynet. 

He is a major celebrity and kudos to him for taking his civic responsibilities seriously.

That being said, I do wish Cameron’s preachiness didn’t make its way into his movies, because Avatar, love it or hate it, was more like a sermon than a film.

So Cameron, let’s try and have a little more Aliens and a little less Titanic and Avatar, m’kay?