Blackberry Playbook has AT&T problems

Don’t bother buying a Playbook if you have an AT&T Blackberry.

Apparently the mobile carrier can’t sync with RIM’s new tablet, which is one of its most important features.

The Playbook doesn’t have its own e-mail client, calendar app, instant messenger, or contact list. But when it’s wirelessly linked to a Blackberry, all those features are instantly enabled.

It makes it pretty neat when the two devices are paired up with each other, giving you a bigger screen to look through all the content on your phone.

That is, when it actually works. Customers with a Blackberry on AT&T, which is ironically one of RIM’s strongest partners, receive the following message instead: “This application is not available on your device or for your carrier.”

Neither AT&T nor RIM has issued a statement as to why it is the only carrier blocking the connectivity option, but some have suggested AT&T may want to jockey for an additional fee for the service.

When it comes to the Playbook, RIM can’t afford any bad publicity or snags. It is the most important product the company has released in a long time, and could be the thing that brings it back from impending doom. But it could also be a nail on the coffin…