A Quick Review of Charter Cable Services with Business Perspective

Packages Designed in Cost-Effective manner: Business Packages:Advanced Features for Business:

Doing business is not so easy when there is a fierce competition in the market. As technology has developed, so the business methods are. Now, various techniques and tools are used to grow the business. The most prominent of all of them is the internet. We can say that the internet and enterprises are inseparable now. If we detach the internet from the industry, we have merely dumped the opportunities to the company. Because the internet is the best source to make an impact on the customer about your product and services that you want.

Cable Services for Business:

There are many cable services companies in the US such as Comcast, Verizon, AT&T, and Spectrum Cable Company. These providers offer the services through the cable network. A good thing about these providers is that they also offer TV and phone service using this cable. Considering the importance of the cable services for business organizations, internet provider companies have different service level than regular residential customers. Business features are more fast and reliable to cover all the needs of the organization.

We will discuss the services offered by Charter for the business community.

Charter Cable Services; Single Solution for Business:

Charter offers its services at the lower prices with better features. It provides the internet, cable TV, and phone services. These services are available as a single service or joint (All three facilities). If we compare its services with other providers, then it will be suitable for every business. So we can say that it is a single stop solution for business purposes.

Only making the prices lower is not enough if the services provided are not enough for the business. The unique factor about Charter packages is cost-effectiveness. Features included in these packages are efficient to cover all the requirements. For business purposes; it has packages made exclusively according to the business requirements.

Spectrum Cable Company has three standard business packages.

  • Business Package:

This package offers

  • 100 Mbps internet speed
  • Unlimited internet data
  • Free modem, free custom email address, domain backup, cloud storage, security suite, free Wi-Fi for you and your customers.
  • Unlimited free local voice calling
  • 30 advanced phone features
  • Business Ultra:

This offer covers

  • Charter Spectrum Internet of 300 Mbps speed
  • Unlimited bandwidth for internet
  • Free modem, free custom email address, domain backup, cloud storage, security suite, free Wi-Fi for you and your customers.
  • Free local and long distance voice calling
  • 30 advanced business phone features
  • Business Triple Play:

This package also offers Spectrum TV service along with the internet and phone.

  • 100 Mbps internet
  • Unlimited data for web
  • Free modem, free custom email address, domain backup, cloud storage, security suite, free Wi-Fi for you and your customers.
  • 45+ TV channels
  • Channels mostly watched by businessmen like CNN, CNN Money, ABC, and NBC.

Now, we will review some of the features included in these business packages.

Gig internet Speed:

Charter Spectrum Internet also provides gig speed (up to 940 Mbps). That unrivaled speed is super-efficient to complete the business processing quickly. Large multi-national companies need an internet connection of this speed.

No Contract:

Another remarkable feature is that it has no contract limitation. People in business can quickly select the suitable package and will get the installation in the earliest manner.

Desired Channel Lineup:

Channel lineup should be different for business community than home users. Spectrum TV is successful in this aspect as it provides the desired channel lineup for people in the business. This lineup includes all favorite channels of the business community like CNN Money, NBC, CNN, and ABC. Also, businessmen can get the channel lineup that is desired by their customers.

Business Voice Calling:

Having conversations between the business partners is a routine matter. Often, they have to talk to the customers, employees, and partners many times. Charter Spectrum Voice service is the way of unlimited conversation. It makes all the employees of the company connected.

Advanced Voice Features:

Charter offers unique features to the companies so they can talk with comfort and save their valuable time.

Besides familiar call waiting, call rejection, call forwarding, and voicemail, some of the unique features are listed here.

Toll-Free Calling:

Charter Spectrum Voice provides toll-free calling for the business companies. This shapes a positive image of the company and encourages the customer to make a call to the company.

Remote Call Forwarding via Portal:

Customers can control the call forwarding using their mobile portal.

Auto Attendant:

This option allows the customers to contact required person in the company.

Battery Backup:

The phone has a battery backup for up to 8 hours.

Affordable International Calling Plan:

Business is multi-national now. So Charter Spectrum offers international calling at the lower rates for 200 countries of the world. These plans are on per minute basis. To check prices of any country, select the country from the list given on Charter official website.