CreditCAR carries out strategic cooperation and opens up global transportation ecology

On July 18th, blockchain car sharing organization CreditCAR jointly launched a strategic cooperation plan in Shanghai, China with its strategic partners Shenma in China, YEECALL in Singapore and DNET in Canada.

CreditCAR is one of the world’s leading blockchain technology organizations. Its blockchain operation headquarter is located in Singapore with CreditCAR Technology Pte Ltd and Development Foundation CreditCAR Foundation Ltd.

CreditCAR aims to establish a globalized ecological community that provides car sharing services. The community is a decentralized and distributed service network. All parties who provide travel and peripheral services to the community can enjoy the fair value distribution of the community. CreditCAR has rich experience in the field of car sharing, and has an in-depth understanding of the various transactions, processes, and experiences in the car sharing industry. CreditCAR is a subversive creator and pioneer that focus on applying blockchain technology to the car sharing industry.

CreditCAR chose Shenma Chuxing as one of its key partners in Mainland China, which is based on Shenma Chuxing’s great landing advantage in blockchain car sharing.

Firstly, Shenma Chuxing has a long-term cooperation partner with mutual trust in the two-wheeled and four-wheeled transportation market, including numerous local manufacturers and joint venture car factories, travel dealers, service providers and operation networks throughout from mainland China to Southeast Asia.

Secondly, Shenma is a financial service provider with market experience and financial ability to land suitable for Mainland China.

Furthermore, Shenma has extensive resources and rich experience in key areas such as the data trust transformation of two-wheeled and four-wheeled vehicle, and the trustworthiness and risk control of shared vehicle users. This provides support with strong data, landing, and risk management for CreditCAR blockchain transportation Ecology.

The CreditCAR party expressed frankly that choosing Shenma as one of the strategic partners of the global car sharing eco-community will not only help CreditCAR to enter the blockchain ecological construction with higher platform level, but also benefit for its blockchain ecology in two dimensions. There is a broader and more stable coverage, which is an important energy that promotes CreditCAR’s position in technology, data, and industry.

WeChat replacement plan for Singapore blockchain – YeeCall founded in 2015, YeeCall has two R&D centers in Beijing and Shenzhen, and its operations headquarters are located in Singapore. Three business segments have been formed:

YeeCall、Public BlockChain、Private BlockChain

YeeCall is a super entrance of blockchain, which builds digital assets one-stop service platform for digital assets through the community. YeeCall currently has nearly 40 million registered users, covering Southeast Asia, Europe, America, India, the Middle East and other countries and regions, with acquaintances as the mainstay.

Public blockchain: The infrastructure of the blockchain era, the basic structure breakthrough in the consensus mechanism, the engineering level TPS will increase by more than 50%; on the other hand, the high-performance communication network of YeeCall covering the whole world will evolve into a communication storage network. Using YeeCall’s unique high-reliability channel coding technology and ultra-long-distance big data transmission technology, it surpasses IPFS in efficiency and builds a world-class competitive public chain.

Private blockchain / alliance blockchain: industrial blockchain solution. Cooperate with leading enterprises in various industries to explore industrial solutions and use blockchain technology to help the development of the real economy, and will take the lead in exploring the fields of travel, agriculture and medical care.

For transportation communications side, CreditCAR has entered into a strategic partnership with DNet Canada.

The communication + blockchain project DNeT helps the communication network by using blockchain technology. The DNeT mining machine effectively combines mobile hotspots, micro base stations, Internet services, and traffic mining. The DNeT Token will be able to exchange flow with each other, so that everyone can be a network builder and a beneficiary of the network. It also provides a feasible solution for operators and users to build a 5G network.

Combined with the DNeT device, users can get a full range of network connections when they go out, not just simple car internal module networking, but all the devices connect in the car coverage.

The release of the strategic cooperation plan shows that a car sharing ecological construction based on blockchain technology and faced to the global market has started.

CreditCAR will cooperate with strategic partners in various regions to develop blockchain technology in the areas of car sharing, pre-owned car trading, vehicle-customized insurance, and auto finance services, and jointly promote the application of blockchain technology in Mainland China.