POS Systems – Which one is for you

If you ask a successful retailers, “What is a POS System?”, most of them would say that it is the most important and central component of their business. A Point of Sale or POS System is the focal point where everything that happens in a retail business, merges. In this day and age, pos systems for retail has become an essential commodity. For brick and mortar retailers, having an efficient POS system has many advantages. It can help to get better profits, greater customer satisfaction and allow retailers to harness their potential to the fullest. To make the most of your pos system, you have to ensure that you pick the right one for your business.

Features that you should look for in a POS system for retail business

There are certain features that you need to consider while selecting a POS system for your retail business. Some of the important ones are

User friendly

Always look for a POS system that will be easy to use. It should have a user-friendly interface especially in the front end of the software.

Pricing options

Most POS systems for retail businesses allow you to keep track of pricing. Pricing feature such as margin percentage, percentage of cost, add on amounts and custom formula options should be present in your pos system. Having these features will help you keep track of profits and also help you when you have volume based discounts.

Tax options

The pos system you choose should have allowances for the different taxes that are applicable in your place of business. Tax rates for products differ depending on their classification and it is essential for a good POS system for retail business to have options to enter multiple tax rates.

Auto Inventory Update

When a product is sold, the POS system has to automatically update the inventory. Some POS systems will also update the accounts receivable records and the order book simultaneously. Such POS systems for retail are always a better option.


For any retailer, it is of paramount importance to have a tight control over cash receipts. This is required to ensure that theft is nullified or prevents. So, pick a pos system that can provide you with an audit trail – in case you have to trace any discrepancies in cash receipts.

Apart from the above features, additional features such as sales tracking, entry of sales information and reporting capabilities should also be looked at. Any pos system for retail business will have multiple options and features. Many of the popular POS systems available today will give you the option to add on devices such as barcode scanners, invoice printers, electronic cash drawers and credit card readers. Ideally, for a retailer, all of the options mentioned above are beneficial as it will help to keep track of the cash flow of the business.

The whole world is going digital and businesses that are not upgrading themselves are seeing a sharp decline in their turnover. The global economy as it stands today is dynamic and highly competitive. If you have to succeed as a business, then you will have to adopt certain technological solutions that have been designed for your industry.

To make the most of POS systems for retail, you should choose a system that is easy to use, affordable and feature rich. The best pos systems for retail will have additional features like customer data management, inventory management, work distribution management, staff management and some marketing tools. Do not forget to choose a vendor who will provide you with 24/7 customer support for your POS system to ensure smooth running of your retail store.