Technology: A bright spot for the Middle East

Digital technology has always been the mother of transformations throughout the world. No country or business has seen transformation without the usage of this ‘Genie’. Countries of the Middle East and North Africa, also referred to as MENA too has not remained untouched by its magical hand. This ‘Genie’ of digital technology has helped in the transformation of several businesses and governments in the MENA and is helping in the economic expansion of these countries. The Gen-Y in MENA has become phenomenal in bringing a sea of opportunities by becoming the pioneers of digital technology

The most enthralling technology trends that have helped in the brimming of the digital technology in MENA can be rightly stated as the social media, mobile app development and data analytics that has helped new age aspiring entrepreneurs to come up with unique and mind blowing start-ups and take the world of digital technology in their stride to create something entirely new and innovative to the core. It is hence no surprise to know that as per the statistical data, 85% of the traffic on Facebook and other social media comes from rest of the world. Well, this brings us to the fact that one is not required to be helming a project from a digital hub based in Silicon Valley or other such places in the world. An innovative idea can be conceived and implemented from anywhere in the world. That’s exactly what the MENA digital technological advancement is proving.

The Middle East and North Africa is Brimming with successful start-ups that are based on the five major vitals:

• A big innovative market opportunity

• Motivated team members

• Knowing the product market scenario.

• Ethical capital for investment

• Identifying the niche target customers

Overall the above are just a few secrets that lead to the success of an enterprise. To take spot on benefits of digital technology, MENA governments should increase the involvement of technology in government services. There has been a difference in opinion of different generations in the amount of work hours to be invested in the business and the amount of flexibility to be provided to inspire younger generation to give their 100 % to the venture.

The Middle Eastern generation is highly adaptive in terms of exchange and implementation of newer ideas. Even though the MENA is going through a tensed geopolitical scenario, still there are enough young guns who are working religiously towards a digital boon in Middle Eastern countries.

In MENA countries, the government is taking an innovative initiative in digitalizing the nation with the National Broadband Network project that is slated to enable the country with high-speed connectivity for all the public places including hospitals, schools, and agencies. The digitization of an economy is the key to the successful running of a country by influencing its economic disparities and will serve as a base model to the other MENA countries.

The digitization of a country also helps in getting great student related jobs that are beneficial for the future development of a country. To eradicate this problem, it is mandatory that both the government and private sector must join to bridge the gap between technical and ethical knowledge required for a job.

The digitization projects as taken by MENA region are applaudable as it is on the terms of digitalizing the whole nation and prioritizing the economic growth of the country based on the digital network. Now, since MENA is on the way of brilliant and commercially successful digital technology taking the country by storm and changing the future trends of living standards and marketing and shopping.

Another intriguing effort in this direction of digitalization of an economy is taken by Kuwait Government. The government there is focused on providing employment to its growing youth population by diversifying and digitalizing its economy with the use of IoT i.e. internet of Things. Also, digitalization has been easily plausible for Kuwait government due to its broad authority over diverse sectors of society and the economy. With the introduction of the digital technology in Kuwait, the country has witnessed improved employee productivity, enhanced citizen benefits. eDesk HUB, a Kuwait based startup helps you to increase prominence and brand awareness and highlight your biggest skills. It’s a perfect way to communicate your strengths to potential customers. Different companies need talent and tech expert to support their business. It’s a challenge to find best service provider who meets your business needs. It’s even harder when it comes to software houses, Web Development companies and IT industry, where anybody can call themselves “experts”. Looking for best whizzes in their field is much easier with eDesk HUB.

Statistics show that Digital transformation in Dubai presents a $4.9 billion worth of opportunity of growth with the ‘smart’ initiatives taken by the government especially in the economic sectors of transportation, aviation and tourism in Dubai. These proactive initiatives taken by Dubai are inspiring more and more companies towards digitalization and are creating a positive impact on future investors thereby diversifying its markets.


Undoubtedly with the tangential growth map seen in MENA countries, it is applaudable how these countries are benefitting the future generation by laying a digital foundation for the technologically brighter spot in the Middle East as it is fast becoming a promising hub of digital technology. Not only this, even bigger firms from all over the world are taking keen interests in making investments in this region due to increased digital penetration in the market and hence is transforming the Middle East and North African countries into an exclusive new hub of potential investments.

Author Bio.

Hamad Almuraikhi is the Founder and CEO of eDesk HUB, a research and review platform that offers vetted and verified references and reviews on high quality web development companies with varied experience. eDesk HUB helps the firms to select the top performing IT service providers for Middle East.