Connection Between Leadership and Getting Good Sleep To Ease Your Senses

Sometimes in the morning your brain holds you back from getting up. You think about the comfort that your pillow is giving you and the coziness of your blanket. You wish you could get those extra minutes to get back to your dreams. Somehow you force yourself to get up and start your daily work.

This affects your entire day and performance during work. You are left with no energy even before half of the day is over. Even when you close your eyes for fraction of second, you realize how much you need your bed. The most strongly approved question one should ask is whether they are getting proper sleep so they can perform best at their work or not?

Generally, people who sleep less and work more are appreciated. Even corporate world rewards their employees with promotion, if they work for more than 100 hours a week. At a certain level our body can overexert but after sometime it starts reacting. Moreover, depriving yourself from sleep can lead to various diseases like obesity, heart stroke, and diabetes.

Sound sleep is necessary for your well-being in life. Many factors play an important role to give you a healthy sleep. Some of them are sleeping positions, surroundings, environment, room temperature, diet, comfortable pillow, and mattress. is a website launched by some insomniacs, who have faced the same problem in life and are helping those who don’t understand the importance of rest and sleep. They write reviews on many mattresses, pillows and other brands that help in increasing your comfort level.

Your brain is responsible to command all other organs to function properly. Functions like motor commands, language, solving, planning, and executing are conducted by your last part of brain called Neocortex. Mostly, your brain can work with less sleep however the front part of Neocortex cannot. Neuroscientists say that if frontal cortex stops functioning then our executive functions also stop.

Your audio and visual skills decrease, when you deprive yourself from sleep. It has been proved by multiple scientists that sleep and leadership qualities are interlinked.

  • If you take proper sleep you can focus well and not get distracted. If you sleep less it can reduce your ability to focus and you start daydreaming where you actually see nothing but a blurred vision.
  • Research shows that the more a person stays awake, the more its capacity reduces to understand things.
  • Research says, when children sleep properly before their mathematical exam they perform well. It is because brain nerves relax and play a major role in problem solving.
  • Similarly employee who sleeps properly has been found to perform well with their creativity skills.
  • If you sleep properly before new task is given to you then your brain has the capability to understand new things. Post learning if you relax your mind it stores those things properly and help you further decoding it.
  • Sleep deprivation leads to cranky mood, anger, frustration, and sometimes aggressiveness. Therefore, when you hear someone you misinterpret their tone and react unnecessarily.

Each person should follow these steps to keep their mind in control and perform well at work –

  • You should spend one third for your life in sleeping, which means at least 8 hours a day.
  • Don’t drink anything like coffee that forces your body to digest it and interrupts your sleep.
  • Socialize with people once in a day that helps you release stress.
  • Relax your mind one hour before going to sleep by doing some light work like reading book.

You don’t derive anything good from sleeping disorders. Take a responsibility of looking after your health and performing well and reducing stress.