Top means of contact to provide to your customers as a business

As a business, you can have a grand marketing campaign in order to educate people about your ongoing offers. However, you won’t be able to convince all of them in one go. Some will immediately be hooked by what you had to say, while most will join your customer ranks at a later date. Most of the clients brought over thorough marketing have seen a post somewhere, or received a promotional email. Whatever it was, it made them aware of your existence, and did something even more important than that: it gave them the means to contact you back. In order to have a successful business, you have to make sure that your customers are able to get in contact with you. Let’s go over the most important forms of contact which should never be missing from an organization’s contact options.


The old faithful, the telephone remains a must have, no matter how many modern solutions pop their heads up. There are still many people out there without an internet connection but there are a lot more people that have a phone. Providing a phone number where your business can be contacted will yield a tremendous amount of potential buyers, which will be calling in to learn more about your offers or to place an order directly. Having a phone number for your business is easier than ever thanks to easy to grab 0800 business numbers.


The email address is seen by many as no longer being relevant but that’s really not the case. Email addresses remain a crucial part of any ongoing marketing campaign, but also one of the most trusted means of being reached by consumers. Emails can be filtered and managed efficiently by on-the-clock customer service agents and thus it makes it one of the most efficient ways of making sure every single customer message gets to you.

Social media

There are a bunch of social media outlets available, from Facebook and Twitter to Instagram and WhatsApp. It’s important to have a foothold on all these platforms, or at least as many as possible. This will bring the element of convenience into play and make sure that whoever wants to contact you will do so, unhindered by the unavailability of their preferred platform. Social media is where people go for instant messaging and really quick interactions with other people or entities. If they have a problem or question regarding your product, they are very likely to drop a Facebook comment on your page, making easy for you to respond and turn their post into a self-written marketing tool.


On top of all these great means of contact, you also need your own website. The others are your takes on provided outlets and platforms. A company website however denoted independence and security, but also professionalism and the fact that your business is trustworthy. This makes a company website one of the best places where you can be contacted by fans and customers. You can implement private messaging, forums, message boards and even useful links to your other means of contact.