8 Most Reliable Car Brands

When it comes to the best online reputation management company, different car brands should definitely consider using this service. It is important for consumers to really do their research before thinking of buying a new car since not every car is as reliable as you think. Consumer Reports has been testing products and is there to create a fairer, healthier and safer marketplace for consumers. Many individuals jump right into purchasing a new car but no one is aware of what other consumers just like them think about those cars they are considering until they read surveys from Consumer Reports.

Car brands need to stand out from one another and the only way they can do this is by knowing which car is the most reliable. Although each car has different target markets, a family needs to have a reliable and safe car, a successful business owner had different needs therefore they will want a nice new car first and the reliability being the last thing on their mind. Not everyone needs a nice car first therefore having a reliable car is something that most individuals do look for instead.

The popular site, Consumer Reports, released a survey ranking 29 brands from the top eight ‘more reliable’ cars to ‘reliable’ cars and then ‘less reliable’ car brands in America. At number eight, the Infinity is said to be one of the more reliable cars and it has rose up 16 spots, Hyundai is up two spots at number 7 for more reliable cars, right behind it at number six is the Mazda down two spots, the Kia at number 5, Audi down one spot at number 4, Buick up four spots at number 3, Toyota still at second most reliable car of the year according to consumers and finally the most reliable car according to Consumer Report’s survey is the Lexus. At the very bottom of this list, at number 26 is Dodge, 27 is Chrysler, 28 is the Fiat and at the very bottom of the list we have the Ram which was voted as having a 16% reliability score by consumers in America.

Infiniti is the biggest mover this year since it moved up 16 positions into the more reliable section and Volkswagen is the complete opposite by being one of the least reliable cars since it dropped a total of 9 positions in just one year.

Consumer reports has some serious concerns about certain car markers such as tesla, which has designed, deployed and marketed their semi autonomous technology. It is important to consumers that companies communicate what these systems can and cannot do for the safety of consumers. Even some of the models in the top reliable cars survey were semi autonomous cars and still come on top of Tesla.

It is important for car brands to be sure that they have a powerful online presence along with online reputation so that if you type in the keyword ‘best car 2017’ or ‘most reliable car 2017’ then their brand will be the first one that pops up. All of the information provided was gathered from subscribers who have either owned or leased over half a million vehicles from model years 2000 to 2016 and even 2017 vehicles with over 300 models. Knowing your cars is important when you are considering a purchase depending on the type of consumer you are. Do you want a fast and luxurious car? A reliable and inexpensive car? A family car that is reliable and known to be a safe car? Or something completely different to satisfy your personal needs? These are all reasons as to why consumers purchase different car brands and it all depends on their online reputation.