Five Features You Should Know in a Sawzall

A Sawzall or reciprocating saw is used to cut materials using a push and pull motion. These are usually used for construction, demolition or renovation purposes. They come in very convenient forms these days, with a large, sharp blade on one end which could cut through wood, pipes or other such material and a handle on the other end for easy handling and as a safer mechanism for cutting through vertical surfaces. A Sawzall should be a part of every household since we do not know when the need may arise. For the person using it, there are some features of a Sawzall that he should know about to make use of it in the best way possible and should also read sawzall guide to understand in depth about this tool. Although, some of the features are mentioned below:

Easy blade changing

The Sawzall usually comes with a tool-less blade changing feature. This allows the user to change the blade without the help of any tools. A Sawzall without this feature would require tools and wrenches for the purpose of blade changing which requires experience and lots of time and effort. This is why the effortless tool changing feature is ideal for all new and experienced users. This is because different kinds of blades are required for different tasks; hence using tools to change the blade every time a different one is needed would make the job exceedingly tedious.

Shoe adjustment

The shoe on a reciprocating saw that is required to cut wood can be adjusted accordingly to cut wood or any other material that is placed on a certain angle instead of being on a flat surface. A shoe adjustment feature that does not require tools is the best kind.

Speed variation

The Sawzall is able to work with different kinds of speeds which are required for different tasks. The speed can be changed using a dial or a trigger, and is useful for cutting through different materials, for example, wood is easily cut by fast speeds while metal and pipes require slower speeds.

Orbital action

Sawzalls contain an orbital action feature which causes the blade to move in and out of the material in a slightly circular manner, which greatly increases the force of the blade. This gives enhanced speed in cutting and chipping through softer materials like wood, though the feature is not to be used on metal surfaces or any surface where we require a perpendicular surface to achieve great precision.

Protective mechanism

Apart from being handy and useful, the Sawzall is also a safe tool to use. Sawzalls have a counter weight mechanism that allow for supreme control by reduction of vibrations and kickback. They come with a comfortable grip so as to not slip off the hands of the user and allow easy contact of the blade with the material that is to be sawed. There is also a clutch that protects the engine and motor parts from wear that could be caused by jolts that arise from knots and harder parts of the material.