5 Car Maintenance Tips When You Own A Used Car

The automobile industry has been growing at a very fast pace and the credit can be attributed to the increasing living standards of the society. Almost every household has a car or a mini truck to call their own. There are pros and cons of buying a used automobile and if you are one of those who have inclined towards the pros and now own a used car, you don’t have to spend a lot on its maintenance and repairs. All you need to do is keep these 5 tips in mind to be more carefree about the expenditure your car is going to incur.

1. Regular Service

This is the most obvious tip yet most people neglect it and face serious problems in the future. People get their car inspected and serviced regularly until it is new but for those buying a used car do not often believe in this ideology. However, this can prevent most of the serious problems that can occur over a period of time and can be repaired at much lesser costs and is also safer. You can also perform an inspection yourself and take note of things you feel aren’t the way they should be and get it checked with a professional. You can have a look at used Schmitz semi-trailers here.

2. Renewing Oil and Filter

Engine oil is very easy to change and can be done without the help of a professional. Prior to beginning, an important thing to keep in mind is that the engine should never be hot while changing oil. Let the engine cool and open the drain which is located on the underside to release the old oil. Remove the old oil filter which is at the top and lubricate the gasket. Pour the new oil almost till the two thirds and screw a new oil filter. Use a funnel to fill the oil up to the appropriate level and you are good to go. This should be performed for every 4k-5k miles.

3. Replacing Spark Plugs

Spark plugs is something that you definitely would have heard ad the word often scares you. You don’t really need a professional to change your spark plug and you can do it on your own. It should be done for almost every 25k-30k miles. Locating spark plugs is very simple as they are attached to thick rubbery wires which are clearly visible at the top. The number of plugs depends on the number of cylinders in your engine and each spark plug needs to be replaced one by one. Patience is the key and the process is very simple.

4. Replacing Air Filters

Replacing the air filter is one of the simplest jobs and you shouldn’t be wasting any time and money by depending on a professional for it. All you need to do is find the air filter which is usually located under the hood of the car in the shape of a grilled rectangular box. Unscrew the first cabinet and mark the position and placement of the air filter. Remove the old one and place a new air filter the exact same way as the old one and you can boast about it or feel confident about yourself. This is advised to be done around once a year.

5. Keep a Battery Check

This is one of the most common problems everyone faces and ends up spending on it every time. Well, no more because the process is very simple. Just remove the wires from the battery terminals, always starting with the negative terminal. Clean the terminals with the cleaning solution meant for the purpose and dry the area with a rag. Reattach the wires and you shall not face any problems. It is very important to keep a check on the battery as this problem doesn’t only affect cars but other vehicles like state transport buses as well.

These are simple tricks that can be easily done by an individual and save a lot of time along with money. Also, when you know things yourself it is easier to maintain it and safety of the passengers is always ensured. No more worrying about your used car repairs anymore.