How can you receive legal aid in the UK?

Individuals who cannot afford to pay for the legal advice may be eligible for legal aid in the UK. In order to benefit from this special type of assistance, one will need to clearly show that he/she cannot cover the costs and that the risk of accusations are serious ones and the legal advice and/or representation is indeed highly needed.

What types of legal issues are covered by legal aid in the UK?

Various types of civil law cases and criminal cases can be eligible for legal aid in the United Kingdom, including but not limited to family law, adoption issues, debt, employment, immigration or personal injury cases, where the injury occurs following an assault or abuse.

Some examples of situations in which you can receive legal aid in the UK include:

  • serious debt in which you face court action;
  • the possibility of losing your home, evictions;
  • domestic violence, including financial control, like being prohibited from accessing a joint account;
  • problems obtaining social security benefits;
  • adoption disputes;
  • facing the risk that a child will be taken into care;
  • seeking asylum for victims of human trafficking;
  • arrest situations or cases in which you are questioned by the police;
  • discrimination;
  • family mediation cases;
  • general legal advice on disability, special needs, etc.

Who is eligible for legal aid in the UK?

Individuals are eligible for legal aid in the United Kingdom if they can prove that they cannot pay for the legal aid themselves and if they prove the severity of their issues. For the purpose of showing that their income does not allow for paying the necessary costs of the case, the applicant will be required to show proof of income, benefits and property.

In those situations, in which you cannot afford the costs of legal advice, it is best to seek adequate help, as permitted by law especially if you have a pressing matter and cannot obtain legal help otherwise than through free legal aid in the UK .