10 Interesting Facts You Don’t Know About Semi-Trailer Trucks

Despite their popularity even with the advent of self-driving semi-trailer trucks, most people have little or no idea about their mode of operation.

In this short guide, you will discover the top 10 interesting facts you may not know about semi-trailer trucks.

1. Good towing capacity

Semi-trucks have a good towing capacity because they are approximately 30 times heavier than cars. The fact that they are heavier than cars also shows they are more powerful than cars.

2. Long lengths

Being up to 25 meters in length along with its cab, most of these semi-trucks are longer than trailer trucks.

3. More durable engines

Compared to other heavy-duty trucks and vehicles, semi-trucks have more durable engines. It is expected that the engine of semi-trucks will last for up to one million kilometers. If this is calculated in terms of capacity, the engines of semi-trucks can be approximately 1,000 horsepower.

4. A narrower range of use

Semi-trucks are specifically designed for transporting various freights. Hence, they are usually used to transport building and agricultural materials.

5. A higher rate of fuel consumption

While semi-trailer trucks have a very good towing capacity, they consume at least 20 times more fuel than other types of heavy-duty trucks. They need large quantities of fuel for them to transport heavy loads efficiently.

6. Semi-truck drivers need better driving skills

The brakes of semi-trucks require more time and distance than heavy-duty trucks before they can be stopped. As a matter of fact, it is estimated that the average time semi-trucks require to stop is at least 40 times more than other trucks. This is one of the reasons why it is important for semi-truck drivers to have better than average driving skills.

7. Their engines can run for extended periods

While the engines of semi-trailers from European manufacturers have been designed to run for extended periods, but it is not advisable to run their engines continuously for days. The reason is that running their engines continuously can cause damage to its system and incur loss of unnecessary fuel. It is advisable to give rest to the engine from time to time.

8. Their engines are easier to rebuild

When a semi truck’s engine fails, it is easier to rebuild it compared to the engines of passenger vehicles. The manufacturers of this engine have designed it such that it would be very easy to rebuild the engine. Thus, it is easier to replace parts (such as connecting rods, bearings and pistons) that have been or could be damaged due to wear and tear.

9. An average semi-truck has 10 gears

There are some trucks that have more than 10 gears, while there are some that have less than 10 gears. As the number of gearing options increases, the time to find the optimal settings becomes easier even when the driving situations become extreme or completely unexpected.

10. There are other vital benefits of its mud flaps

The reason why mud flaps are installed behind the wheels of a semi-truck is to ensure that mud or other types of debris do not create a hazard on the road for other vehicles.

But the mud flaps also serve several other functions such as:

  • Reducing the semi truck’s drag when it is on a highway speed, thus, improving the fuel efficiency of the semi-truck.
  • Ensuring that the semi-truck do not pour large quantities of rainwater over passenger vehicles that may be close it.

If you ever think of getting a semi-truck; have a friend, family or relative who is interested in getting one, you are now better informed on how you or the person can make more effective use of the truck.