More Square Enix classics coming to PS3

After exhausting the library of PSOne Final Fantasy games, Square Enix is digging deeper into its catalog to bring more of its classic titles from yesteryear to the PS3 and PSP.

Xenogears, Legend of Mana, Threads of Fate, and Vagrant Story all look to be coming to Sony’s collection of “PSOne Classics” for the PlayStation Store. Hundreds of original PlayStaion games are already available to buy, including Final Fantasy VIII, VIII, and IX.

The four above-mentioned titles have recently been posted to the ESRB for PS3 and PSP. There is no rating summary, so these games are most likely what the rating group calls “rating certificate updates.”

That means they’re games that have already been rated and the publisher is just changing the platforms that they’re available for. This would preclude the possibility that any of these titles are special remakes, and instead are just direct ports of the classic games.

ESRB ratings give no indication as to when a game will be coming out, and some that are submitted for rating never even end up being released. But we know at least that Square Enix has given to go-ahead to put up these games for sale on Sony’s current-gen platforms. The rest is just a waiting game. [[Playstation]]