Nexus One does 720p with a side of Froyo

Google may be slowly phasing out its flagship Nexus One, but the popular smartphone still has plenty to offer – such as shooting 720p video in all its HD glory.

So, just load the latest Cyanogen Mod 6 build (coming soon) on top of Froyo (Android 2.2) and let the sleek ARM-powered device achieve its true potential.

“[Yes], we had seen this functionality previously enabled by the Cyanogen Mod team when the N1 was running Android 2.1, but if you wanted to move onto the greener pastures of 2.2 you had to give up HD video recording. Not any more,” explained Phandroid’s Kevin Krause.

“[Still], if you don’t want to go root and install the custom ROM – which is still in release candidate mode and not quite ready for prime time – you won’t be able to get 720p video unless Google decides to enable the feature in future updates.”

Note: As per Android Police, the Nexus One mod is only available for CyanogenMod builds that are greater than the current RC2, but it is expected to be ported to the popular LeoFroyo ROM and perhaps even the stock version of N1 Froyo sometime in the near future.