Are hardcore gamers celibate geeks?

An (admittedly) unscientific poll conducted by GameFaqs proves what most of us already know: hardcore gamers are celibate geeks leading a lonely lifestyle.

Out of 79,268 people polled, 42.35% admitted to not having (and never having) a girlfriend.

Of course, the above-mentioned results could indicate that gamers simply have little time for serious relationships and instead choose to engage in passionate one-night stands and answer erotic booty calls in the early AM.

But either scenario seems quite unlikely, really. 

Yes, it seems painfully obvious that the geek-geekette ratio is way off.

So, as Destructoid’s Jim Sterling so eloquently put it, “HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!”

“The common image of the average GameFAQs community member is that of an adolescent, perpetually lonely, squirty little virgin who makes nightly love to his cardboard cut-out of Nathan Drake,” opined Sterling.

“[And now] that image has now been proven to be a scientific fact.”