Music execs gunning for Android iTunes rival

If you don’t like Apple’s arrogant presence and its mindset that being its customer is a privilege, you’re not alone. Music companies are very eager to get on Google’s side as it seems more likely that a new service will launch on Android.

In a Los Angeles Times blog post, Warner Music Group senior adviser Jac Holzman was quoted as saying, “Google has smart people, and they recognize record companies need to be more than just suppliers. The attitude that you bring to the table is clearly the first step.”

An Android music store has been rumored before and seems to be inevitable as Google continues to expand throughout all sorts of media. The search giant is also working on emerging into social games as well.

Android currently comes pre-installed with a special Amazon MP3 app. It was the first dedicated external application for Amazon’s DRM-free music store when Android launched in 2008.

Additionally, music companies have expressed frustration with Apple over its strict pricing policy and high royalty rate on iTunes. But Apple has done little to assuage those concerns, knowing it has such a tight chokehold on the digital music market.

Google is already aggravating Apple with Android, and if it was able to take out a chunk of the iTunes userbase, that would be even better.