Has Apple gone too far?

It is now old news that Apple is considering developing new components in their devices that would allow them to spy on their users. It started several weeks ago when Apple filed the patent for the new components.

They got the ball rolling and now we wait and see if Apple really wants to get into the spy business.

It sounds like something only a secret group of Bond villains would do. Grow a mega corporation and use it to spy on the trusting masses. Oh, and since Steve Jobs is their leader we’ll say he’s the evil mastermind behind it all.


Not content with being the biggest control freak in geekdom, Steve Jobs felt it necessary to up the ante on his war with user freedom. Yes, Apple not only wants to spy on its users, it wants to punish users who participate in activities that Apple does not approve of.

Apple wants to know who you are, where you are, what you are saying, and even how fast your heart is beating.

So what once was a quirky, sometimes humorous habit of limiting what applications users can utilize on Apple gear has grown into a full-blown assault on Apple’s consumers.

It is not clear how they would use this information in their day to day operations. No plan has been outlined; no manual has been drawn up.

And what if it the information Apple is planning on collecting gets lost or stolen? Nobody knows.

So while this project in in its early stages you can see how it can raise some concerns. So are people concerned? They don’t seem to be. Are the politicians at least a little curious about what Apple has in store for consumers? Nope.

And that’s the problem. Nobody is concerned, because at this point it is only a patent. It’s only a piece of paper to most people. And I reject that idea.


We should be upset that any company would go this far for the sake of making sure you use the device exactly as its creator intended. Once people engage in the financial transaction that gives them ownership of the hardware they should be free to use it in any way they see fit as long as it doesn’t harm others.


Have savvy users who find new methods to enhance their experience with Apple technology hurt Apple’s profitability? No. Apple has hurt Apple far more by releasing wonky devices that are quite costly.


Is it possible that no one is upset by Apple’s patent because people are already used to the notion of government surveillance of harmless citizens? This might not seem like that big of a deal compared to what the government does. But it is a big deal nonetheless.

Die hard Apple fans are already known for their uncontrollable urge to line up and wait for days for the chance to pay full price for Apple’s usually flawed first versions of their new toys. Could this twisted new version of quality control deter the mob of Apple diehards from purchasing devices in the future that may contain these new components? Only time will tell.