Latest Mobile app development trends that matter

Whether you are going to follow the latest mobile app development trends in your next projects or not, staying update is a vital thing to survive in this rapidly changing world of technology. App development is becoming more and more user friendly and user focused as people always prefer to surf internet on their mobiles instead of typing on their desktops.

Mobile apps developed with AI, UX designs are predictable to become more powerful, appealing and interactive in years to come. It is also said by experts that mobile applications with an Artificial Intelligence (AI) infused & having ability to learn about user preferences will be a super hot trend to stand out from the crowd in years to come.

Let we share some other latest mobile app development trends with you here in this article that all developers need to know in order to provide users an amazing app experience.

Hot Mobile App Development Trends to Watch

Internet of Things (IoT)

Internet of things is something most vital to play a vital role in mobile app development not only throughout 2018 but for many years to come. Through this way, more possible technologies can be connected to the mobile apps to provide users perfect platforms where things can be controlled more efficiently with help of handheld devices such as smartphones and tablets etc.

It is easily predictable that more applications will be designed in future with Internet of Things that will connect a lot of things in one single app to provide better possible user experience

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

Google accelerated mobile pages will definitely also bring users faster loading apps to increase engagement with their favorite mobile apps. That’s why, AMP is considered as one of the latest app development trends you should need to know. Since almost all brands and famed companies always want to increase CT rates for their apps, a developer can tailor it via AMP not only to improve CTR but to improve ranking as well.


In recent years, apps developed with augmented reality performed very well. That’s why, most of the businesses and brands are now starting integration of AR in their mobile apps to provide their users with best possible user experience to make things great than ever. Developers can also design highly addictive mobile games and apps by using augmented reality in their projects. That’s why; AR in mobile app development can be expected to maintain booming for enhanced fun ways for brands and business to generate more revenues.

Mobile payments

Undoubtedly, app developed with payment options such as Apple Pay or Google Pay, users are now increasingly using their smartphones to make payments for several reasons. In simple words, mobile payment is the latest app development trend that will improve the way people use to pay for goods ordered online.

Android Instant Apps

When talking about hot app development trends, Android Instant Apps is one of them to look out not only for this year but for many more to come on the way. These apps could be more attractive and convenient for users as they need no installation and can be accessed quickly. Using them without installation, running quickly and efficiently as a web page, running on almost all android versions and using less space on the smartphone are some of the great benefits of developing android instant apps.

Machine learning

Just like Artificial Intelligence, machine learning is also taking a visible position in latest mobile app development trends. Machine learning in app development can do incredibly amazing things if applied creatively to improve UX & UI. Use of this astonishing technology in mobile apps enables the mobile app developers to educate computer programs to be familiar with multifaceted patterns like objects, different sounds and feelings etc.

Cloud-based apps

Due to the rapid increase in cloud technology in recent few years, chances of getting a large number of mobile apps developed with cloud technology are higher in future. Simply, cloud based apps are one of the hot mobile app development trends to watch in this year and beyond. Cloud technology in app development would allow app users to eat a smaller amount of internal storage and to run the app on multiple platforms without facing difficulties.