The ultimate guide to crushing your fitness goals

Whether you are trying to write a new novel or get ideas for your new startup, making the first step is always difficult and keeping up until the end is even sometimes impossible. The same way it’s hard to start a fitness goal and harder to keep it up. Whether it’s a six-pack journey, a marathon goal, or just trying to get a well-shaped body, achieving a transformation like the ones at ultimate performance requires clear goals.

Humans are lazy, especially in keeping up with unclear goals. The ability to persevere through the obstacles and difficulties that come with fitness goals depends, largely on how enthusiastic we are towards those particular goals. Set your fitness goals and make sure that they are goals that can be achieved. But how? Let’s find out.

Identify the reasons for your goals

Ask the ‘why’ question even before you set a fitness goal. Why do you want to reduce weight, get into a good shape or get six packs? Answering these questions is your first step to making sure that you don’t set goals that are too broad or too narrow, but ones that will exactly help you get to your final destination. You can also start a preliminary goal test, exercising, trying to build six packs, and achieve a good body shape, to help you identify which goal will fit you well.

Set them and write them down

After identifying why you need to take a particular course of action, set your goals – make them real. You should have the habit of writing down your goals and making sure that they are followed to the letter. You can also post your fitness goals to your social media pages or show them to friends. This approach doesn’t only keep you on your toes, but it reduces the many excuses that you would give for not achieving a goal.

Learn about supporting habits and activities

The fact that you want to get six packs in 40 days doesn’t mean exercising at the gym or being handled by personal trainers all day is going to get you there. There are supporting activities that will keep your main goals moving and you should learn about them. For instance, a good sleep helps you handle emotional trauma and stress as well as builds up your muscles. Having a good diet also helps your body develop the necessary nutrients that will help you achieve your six-pack or curvy body goals.

Have a clear-cut timeline

When setting fitness goals, make sure you don’t overestimate the time you want to achieve your goals. Additionally, make sure that your goals aren’t set to “within this year”. You need to be specific – like getting six packs by the end of June. Losing 15 pounds by the end of May. Etc. Specific timeframes help you build confidence and structure your daily schedule to meet your goals. Creating a calendar notification for your goals is a good way to gauge when to achieve your goals.

Your progress should be regularly checked

The fact that you have clearly defined goals doesn’t guarantee ultimate performance. To keep yourself motivated and less stressful, try creating mini goals out of your bigger goals and make sure that these mini goals are measured as you progress.

Celebrate each achievement

Whether you are working out with personal trainers or setting your own goals at home, try to celebrate every achievement you make along the line. It will keep you motivated. But make sure you don’t overdo it.


If you want to achieve your fitness goals, you need to clearly define them, have a timeframe, measure and celebrate achievements as you progress, and pay attention to other supporting activities that might help you achieve your overall goals.

And whenever you feel like you can’t make it alone, seek out the best personal trainers to help you achieve your fitness goals.