Is Apple working on its own HoloLens?

Rumor has it that Apple is partnering with the German lens Manufacturer, Zeiss, to make their own version of an augmented reality wearable, similar in concept to Microsoft’s HoloLens.

Apple has been suspected of working on a reality/ virtual reality mix wearable ever since they filed a patent for a “transparent electronic device”. But Robert Scoble revived the whole debate, with his Facebook post

Tim Cook did his part on stirring the rumor pot with quotes like

Opposed to his lack of trust in the future of virtual reality

It was no surprise that internet Sherlocks started putting the pieces together, and nearly unanimously came to the conclusion that, Apple’s (now) highly anticipated augmented-reality-capable eyewear could become reality this year.

I am sure lots of people are looking forward to Apple’s first wearable, but I think it is a little too soon to set up the tents in front of the nearest Apple Store, in anticipation of the iWear 1.0.