How to Care for Hair Extensions?

If hair extensions are what you need for a complete look, then raise your care for them to the maximum level. The math here is simple. The more you pay attention to them, the longer they’ll last.

However, taking care of hair extensions is not as easy as it sounds. There are a lot of things to consider depending on the type of the extensions, their length or thickness. And not all of them react the same to all treatments. That’s why, choose the ways that are suitable for your extensions and apply them.

Need some help? Here you’ll find the top ways to take care of your hair extensions and make them always look at their best.

Wash them

The basic thing is keeping the extensions clean. Both real hair extensions and synthetic ones require often washes. The real difference, though, is when you wash clip-in and sewn-in extensions.

Since the clip-ins are usually for a short use, you can apply a conditioner or gentle shampoo on them once a month. A wig shampoo would be best for synthetic extensions, while the ones of real hair prefer a mild shampoo. After you’ve taken your hair extensions off, place them in a sink or your bathtub and carefully rinse.

Opposite of that, if you have sewn-in extensions, you’ll need to wash your whole hair a few times a week. Put a gentle shampoo and move your hand slowly from your scalp to the ends. Your extensions will be grateful to you!

Brush them

All girls out there, listen up! Don’t even try to brush or further style your hair extensions if they’re not completely dry. I repeat. Only dry extensions are perfect for combing. Otherwise the fibers will be ruined.

A soft bristle brush will do the right job. You just have to take it slow and comb your hair extensions from the ends to the top, not the other way around. Also, apply some conditioner from time to time to keep them moisturized and good-looking.

Wear them in the way they were made to be worn

Not all extensions can be worn like you please. There are specific uses for each of them.

So, if you want a ponytail, make sure your hair extensions are compatible for that. Don’t risk them falling apart once you tie them up. To be sure, check the label before buying them or don’t wear them in a ponytail at all. Sometimes it’s the safest to let them fall loosely as an addition to your natural hair.

Control the heat

Heat is the biggest enemy to your hair. And it’ll make your extensions last shorter. You don’t want that, do you?

Then, whenever you can evade blow driers and dry your locks with a towel. However, if you want to style them with hair straighteners, beware of the temperature. Always keep it as low as possible while your locks are between the iron’s plates. What’s more, you can use a heat protecting spray for an absolute safety.

Cover your hair with a cap

Before going to sleep or swimming, it’s preferable to put your hair and the extensions in a cap. That’s mainly to keep them out of harm and make sure they look good after you’re done with what you’re doing.

It’s better to be safe than sorry, so buy yourself a net or a cap.

Know when to put them off

A lot of people wear their hair extensions longer than their expiration date. They keep them on for more than three months, which is totally nuts. Not only that they can fall apart, but you risk your natural hair’s growth. The extensions will trap your natural locks and ruin your whole hair. That’s why, don’t ignore the date on the label and replace your hair extensions with new ones every once in a while.

A final word

Putting hair extensions is only half of the job. They require your attention afterwards. From cleaning and brushing them to controlling the heat and keeping them safe, you have to take care of everything. Beauty has a price, but hair extensions definitely make everything worth while.

What do you think? Tell us about how you care for your hair extensions in the comments!