The 5 Healthiest Jobs

Working out and eating healthy are two of the most essential supports for your health. They set you up for a lifetime of better habits and a decreased risk for developing serious medical conditions later on.

The benefits of these behaviors are often canceled out if you’re working a job that completely drains you both physically and mentally, however. You may strive to live a healthy lifestyle, but your job can drag you down.

Far too many people believe their job is responsible for multiple health issues. According to research compiled in an Office Vibe infographic, about 1 million employees miss work each day as a result of stress.

19 Frightening Workplace Mental Health StatisticsThis infographic was crafted with love by Officevibe, the employee engagement platform that helps managers see the ROI of company culture while making employees happier.

Also, more than 80 percent of employees feel their company expects too much of them. They’re forced to work after hours to avoid getting behind.

Indirect costs of untreated mental health disorders as a result of work-related stress and depression adds up to $79 billion in annual costs for businesses, which illustrates the strong need for lightened workloads and less stressful working conditions.

Often, simple changes to your environment and dispersion of workload can improve your ability to handle stressful work situations, but that’s typically just a temporary solution. The more permanent, beneficial solution is to find a healthier occupation.

If you’d like to know the healthiest jobs, here are some of the top options.

1. Fitness Instructor

Of course a job that requires exercise and eating right would be one of the healthiest available. Yoga instructors, choreographers, dancers, personal trainers, running coaches, and other fitness instructors tend to report higher levels of both physical and mental health.

Going from a corporate position to a fitness instructor may involve a pay cut, since the latter make an average of $36,160 per year, but you can’t beat the health benefits. Fitness instructors tend to pay less in health costs and experience fewer stressors than people in desk jobs.

2. Hospital Nurse

It’s true that nurses work long hours, which can make them sleep deprived, but the career as a whole is a pretty healthy choice. Nurses in a hospital setting spend much of their time walking around and getting exercise.

They also labor in the noble cause of helping other people to get well, which is a huge morale booster. The fact that they work closely with doctors, and constantly give and receive health advice, also promotes better health among nurses.

The typical pay for a nursing position is good. A registered nurse makes about $67,500 a year with a rapid growth rate of 16 percent. So switching to a nursing career can be a healthy and lucrative career move.

3. Software Engineer

You might not regard hunching over a computer all day as a healthy activity, but software engineers say they’re the most satisfied with their jobs. They are usually highly valued in the workplace, and it’s a specialty the worker is usually excited to do.

Sitting all day has drawbacks, but software engineers are often mentally challenged and enjoy the work. The pay helps too. The average software developer makes upwards of $100,000 a year.

4. Chiropractor

Chiropractors get a lot of business from workers who suffer back and neck problems from hunching over a desk. It’s a healthy profession for several reasons, starting with a holistic attitude toward health.

Chiropractors offer their patients advice on diet and exercise to promote their well-being and are often motivated to do the same. Additionally, they rarely work weekends and holidays, and their weekday hours are short and non-restrictive.

The freedom these professionals enjoy helps significantly with reducing work-related mental health concerns. The average chiropractor makes about $65,000 per year.

5. Florist

Though the pay for a typical florist pretty low at around $25,000 per year, it’s one of the best jobs for a relaxing ambiance. Florists are surrounded by beauty and lovely aromas, and there’s something about creating beautiful products with your hands that engenders a sense of relaxation and fulfillment.

It’s hard to develop any sort of unhealthy conditions when you work in such an environment.