Inlet introduces live video streaming for the iPhone

San Francisco (CA) – Inlet Technologies has introduced a live streaming solution for the Apple iPhone. The platform – known as Spinnaker – supports a number of formats, such as H.264 video, HE-AAC audio VC-1, Silverlight and Flash VP6.

John Bishop, a senior Inlet VP, told TG Daily that the “iPhone is clearly a pervasive consumer device, offering compelling opportunities to reach viewers.”

According to Bishop, Spinnaker is an ideal choice for live sports coverage, as it creates real-time highlights without the need for additional file preparation. Spinnaker also allows users to switch between multiple games and camera angles during a single event. URLs or captions, such as scores and statistics, can be inserted directly into the live stream.

Bishop added that Spinnaker integrates capabilties similar to Apple’s Stream Segmenter – which streamlines processing and eliminates the need for additional hardware.

Spinnaker offers support for other adaptive streaming protocols, including Microsoft Smooth Streaming and Adobe Dynamic Streaming. Additional features include multi-encoder synchronization and numerous audio enhancements.