Importance Of Technology In Strategic Human Resource Management

Industries all over the world have witnessed drastic changes in the past two decades. With the advancement in the field of information technology, the environment of work in which people is engaged together with requisite skills, abilities, and knowledge have undergone a shift.

How technology is useful in Human Resource Management:

HRM is one among the professional occupation segments, which sees the influence of technological changes. Technology has found to be transformed the role of professionals in Human resource management to a great extent. Most of the functions of human resource management within the department are being done electronically with the intention to enhance the efficiency of administration and responsiveness of HRM to their internal managers, employees and clients as well.

Web-based technology is even used largely for almost all the essential human resource activities. A very few of them may include employee benefits enrollments, employment application creation and training by making use of e-learning based resources.

Because of above mentioned human resource activities automation, the professionals in the human resource management department are getting enough time to do other facets of their job. By this way, technology has been aiding organizations to amend the practice of time management of their HR department and enhancing their efficiency subsequently.

Technological impact on human resource personnel:

“When the technology had established its presence in the department of human resource, professionals had experienced a lot more clarity, comprehensiveness as well as transparency of information used by them”, says Jose Tomas, CHRO at Anthem Insurance.

Together with information responsiveness, HRM also includes experts to be conscious of the most recent trends in activities, policy making and also employment practices within their industry. In addition, they have to possess current information regarding relevant laws & regulations as this will help them to express elasticity in the event of unexpected changes. Moreover, this characteristic will improve the value and role of HR department to the enterprises.

Thus, with the intention to keep swift with the constantly varying laws, the data should be sought out in a consistent manner. Further, technology has allowed the organization to be connected to the internet so as to interact with several other professionals found in an organization. It has assisted several HR professionals to gather information, which they want to remain informed for the purpose of demonstrating preferred characteristics and abilities. This fact also shows that technology had not just allowed HR professionals to access and share information, yet also influenced their anticipations.

The final verdict:

Technology is utilized in almost each and every department in any organization. According to the statement of Jose Tomas, CHRO at Anthem Insurance, “With respect to human resource, it virtually helps in all the process ranging from retiring to recruit function as it has largely changed the way by which employees and managers gain a resource to HR data”. But, it is fairly a challenge to make use of technology as an essential resource tool due to its complexity. In case it will be well-applied, any organization could save time as well as money.