HTC proclaims Google Nexus best phone ever

Google finally went public with the introduction of the Nexus phone, manufactured by Taiwanese handset maker HTC.

HTC was a very very close ally of Microsoft, but it looks like that’s all over now.

The event kicked off with a man from HTC saying the company had already shipped seven Android products and this one is the best it’s ever made.

The unit has a 3.7-inch AMOLED display while Google suggested it should work even closer with its “partners” – partner being one of those words every vendor should be wary of. Especially HTC. The machine comes with a five megapixel camera, that is par for the course.

The phone includes a 1GHz processor and according to Google weighs as much as a Swiss Army knife – but as we all know there are different versions of that utilitarian gizmo. It probably doesn’t include a device that lets you take a stone out of a horse’s hoof. You can access Facebook though.

And Twitter, obviously.

It’s a phone. But it’s no iPhone, is it? Mr Peter Chou from HTC is very pleased with it though.