How to insure and backup mobile data? 

You think you can insure everything? Yes almost everything including your health, house, car and all other tangible stuff. So is that it? Imagine losing all your data, your important files, your mom’s birthday pictures, your 1st anniversary photos, and the memories you and your family captured on your phone, the funny videos of your friends that you always use to blackmail them, and in addition all the music files you downloaded with a lot of patience. Dreadful, No? If you were smart enough, you probably kept backing up your important stuff in your computer, but you know what accidents just happen. What if your computer suffers from a hard drive failure? Or maybe your niece spills a glass of water over your laptop and Boom!! All is gone. If you are even smarter you will just search for good software that you can use for the restoration of your data and for your data’s safe recovery.

Your sentiments are respected, and there is someone out there waiting to help you, waiting to take you out of this fear and take responsibility of backing up your data. TouchCopy is such software that takes responsibility of insuring your data. Now you don’t need to worry about your clumsiness and the spilling of coffee on your device, or for the bad sectors in the hard drive that force you to restore your device.

In just three steps you are done: Download, Install and Run TouchCopy

Just connect your device, click the backup all option, to backup all your data in no time to your PC. It only takes a click, and by the time you are back with your coffee, it’s done.

This software has amazing features and has a lot of competitive advantages over traditional backup software like iCloud, iTune, Syncois etc. How? That’s a good question! It’s because this software is emotionally intelligent. It understands that you get irritated seeing connectivity problems, issues with backing up data and worrying if your data is safe. It understands that it has to provide you with a friendly interface and that it needs to be compatible with all devices and models. It also grasps that it’s not only the pictures, videos and music that matters and helps you backup your messages, calendar, iBooks, ratings and all that your device contains. This software does not contain any bugs and is certified to be safe by McAfee like all other software developed by Wide Angle Software Ltd, the only condition that might cause issues for you is when you download a cracked version of TouchCopy. Besides it does not only do backups, but also helps you recover your files from your device to your computer. You can say goodbye to all your fears now.

If you are still indecisive, it is perfectly normal. What you need to do is try! You will surely enjoy this app as it is very easy to use.