Seagate upgrades network docking station for FreeAgent hard drives

San Francisco, Calif. Seagate has introduced a retrofitted docking station that allows users to
easily access and share digital content stored on FreeAgent Go portable
hard drives. According to Seagate, the FreeAgent DockStar network
adapter “reinvents” the concept of remote access and file sharing.

“With simple installation and an intuitive web-based interface, the DockStar network adapter will change the way people control the access and sharing of their content by creating their own personal storage ‘clouds’ while keeping the security and privacy of the drives’ content because it is located within their home,” Seagate explained in a statement.

“Users will also be able to deliver linked pictures and video to social networking sites, such as MySpace, Facebook and Twitter. The FreeAgent DockStar connects people and their experiences in a whole new way even though they might be thousands of miles apart.”

Seagate spokesperson Terry Cunningham of Seagate expressed similar sentiments.

“The digital content and Web 2.0 era have fundamentally changed the way we live our lives. The majority of today’s consumers are actively personalizing their digital experiences, sampling and downloading niche content and video with increasing frequency,” said Cunningham.

“The FreeAgent DockStar delivers more than just a networking solution — it creates a personalized, shared experience that is controlled by the individual. In a matter of minutes a drive can become accessible through any Internet connected computer, as well as through an innovative iPhone application.”

The DockStar – which features three (vendor-neutral) USB ports – has a $100 price tag. The device is packaged with a one year Pogoplug subscription for remote (non-intranet) access and sharing rights. However, renewing the subscription requires a $30 annual fee.

It should also be noted that Seagate has introduced the following three capacity points for its FreeAgent Go hard drive line: 1TB, 880GB and 750GB.