Super Talent uncorks storage bottleneck with RAID SSDs

San Francisco, Calif. Super Talent Technology has confirmed that it will be shipping the first PCI Express RAIDDrive SSDs in early October. A company spokesperson told TG Daily that RAIDDrive was designed to break the throughput bottleneck in the storage subsystem by removing the bandwidth limitation of the SATA bus.

“The PCIe Gen. 2.0 x8 interface used by RAIDDrive SSDs supports 4GB/sec bandwidth, more than ten times that of the SATA-II 3Gbps bus, and five times greater than the not yet available SATA-III bus,” said the spokesperson. “We are targeting a price point for under $1,000 that will appeal to gamers and enterprise users. Our RAIDDrive SSDs have a huge throughput. Currently, there is no other way to achieve the same performance, except via Fusio-IO – but that costs approximately $10,000 for equivalent speeds.”

According to the spokesperson, RAIDDrive SSDs will be available in three primary configurations:

RAIDDrive GS – For gamers and enthusiasts looking to supercharge their IO subsystem. RAIDDrive GS can be factory configured as RAID 0 or RAID 5, uses MLC flash and is available in capacities up to 2TB.

RAIDDrive ES – Enterprise Servers performing compute intensive applications such as database transaction processing, business intelligence and virtualization. RAIDDrive ES – whcih can be configured as RAID 0 or RAID 5 – fits in a 3U rack mount chassis. Built using SLC flash, RAIDDrive ES is available in capacities up to 1TB.

RAIDDrive WS – Workstation users performing tasks including animation, video editing, oil and gas exploration, CAD/EDA simulation and scientific computing. RAIDDrive WS utilizes SLC flash, is offered in capacities up to 1TB and can be configured as RAID 0 or RAID 5.