Raytheon and Motion Reality develop 3D military apps

Raytheon and Motion Reality have inked a lucrative deal to develop virtual 3D mission and training applications for military, law enforcement and security forces.

The apps will leverage MRI’s VIRTSIM motion-capture technology, which is capable of immersing up to 12 subjects wearing wireless head-mounted displays and using actual or simulated weapons. 

“This real-time, untethered experience is enhanced by muscle stimulation technology, and the systems can be networked from multiple locations for distributed training,” explained MRI CEO Dr. Tom McLaughlin.

“[Our] technology is unrivaled in its ability to accurately capture full-body 3-D motion. The immersive 360-degree systems support force-on-force training and virtual artificially intelligent avatars that respond to actions and voice commands.”

McLaughlin also noted that MRI’s advanced motion-capture technology was used in the current blockbuster movie Avatar.

“[In addition], MRI developed 3-D real-time consumer golf systems and has a legacy of work for the US Army in Virtual Soldier Distributed Simulation. MRI’s technology received a 2005 Academy Award for use in the motion pictures Lord of the Rings, King Kong and others,” he added.