OCZ launches "ultra-affordable" Solid State Drives

Interested in purchasing a Solid State Drive (SSD) but don’t want to spend wads of cash? Well, the sub-100 dollar 32GB Onyx SATA II SSD may just be the drive for you.

Or not.

Yes, the Onyx SSD lineup does feature HDD-dominating access times, up to 125MB/s read and 70MB/s write speeds, 64MB of onboard cache and “unique performance optimization” to keep drives at peak performance.

However, as Dong Ngo of CNET points out, the drive costs about $100 for the 32GB version.

In comparison, you can get a 500GB high-speed SATA2 hard drive for approximately the same price point.

“Nonetheless, the OCZ Onyz is indeed one of the most affordable SSDs on the market,” wrote Ngo.

“But it’s about 15 times the price of traditional laptop hard drives when compared in terms of cost per gigabyte.”

Still, the OCZ Onyz SSD does seem rather tempting – as it can be used as a boot drive or as a replacement for traditional hard drives in mobile PCs and Netbooks.

What do you think?