Nvidia kicks off 2009 GPU conference

Nvidia has kicked off its three-day GPU conference in San Jose, California. CEO Jen-Hsun Huang – who is scheduled to deliver a keynote speech at 1PM PST – may take the opportunity to reveal details of the enigmatic GT300 GPU.  

According to Fudzilla, the GT300 is already taped out and running.

“The chip (codenmaned Fermi) should be ready for very late 2009 launch. This GPU will also heavily concentrate on parallel computing and it will have bit elements on chip adjusted for this task,” wrote Fuad Abazovic. “The chip supports GDDR5 memory, has billions of transistors and it should be bigger and faster than Radeon HD 5870. Of course, the chip supports DirectX 11 and Open GL 3.1.”

Nvidia is obviously facing significant pressure to counter ATI’s advances in the DirectX 11 market. As TG Daily reported, AMD recently released the (DX 11) Radeon HD 5800 GPU series, which supports Eyefinity Technology, OpenCL and DirectCompute 11.

The 5800’s debut prompted AMD’s Rick Bergman to declare that his company was the “undisputed leader” in the graphics market.

“With the ATI Radeon HD 5800 series of graphics cards driven by the most powerful processor on the planet, AMD is changing the game, both in terms of performance and the experience,” claimed Bergman.

But will ATI remain the “undisputed leader” for long? Although the answer is uncertain, it is quite clear that Nvidia will do its utmost to challenge AMD’s 5800.

Indeed, TG Daily’s Mike Magee assured us that AMD-ATI may well have something to fear from Nvidia during 2010.

“Nothing suggests that the famously driven CEO of Nvidia, Jen Hsen Huang, is just going to sit back and watch his company falter,” said Magee.

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