ARM confirms it’s chatting to GlobalFoundries

As we exclusively reported last week, ARM and AMD spin off GlobalFoundries are in deep congress over cooperating on semiconductor production.

Bloomberg chatted to an ARM vice president of marketing who confirmed the company has Intel in its sights and wants 15 percent of the mini-notebook market next year.

GlobalFoundries will join Freescale, Sharp and Pegatron in the push against Intel’s putative dominance of every sector of the market.

Samsung, Qualcomm, and Texas Instruments already use ARM designed chip cores. Intel used to have an ARM license too, but flogged it to Marvell, which is doing, er, marvelously.

GlobalFoundries is fast becoming a serious contender in the foundry business. Advanced Technology Investment Company (ATIC), an Abu Dhabi company, said it was to buy Singapore foundry Chartered Semiconductor. So from having two customers, AMD and ST Microelectronics, GlobalFoundries suddenly has over 150.

All stories come true in the end.

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