Mirics develops CUDA-based television platform

Mirics has developed a global broadcast television platform for Nvidia GPUs. FlexiTV – which utilizes CUDA-enabled cards for real-time signal processing – is capable of running even on entry-level PCs.

“Nvidia CUDA-enabled GPUs are ideal for real-time signal processing,” explained Nvidia spokesperson Michael Steele. “The combination of the Nvidia CUDA architecture and FlexiTV means low priced netbooks, notebooks and desktop PCs can deliver excellent standard and high definition PC TV viewing experiences.”

Mirics CEO Simon Atkinson expressed similar sentiments.

“Mirics has significantly expanded the range of PC platforms that can support global TV reception by combining FlexiTV with the powerful Nvidia CUDA architecture,” said Atkinson. “This new innovation benefits PC OEMs with a cross platform, low-cost TV solution, and empowers consumers with the widest multi-media content choice.”

According to Atkinson, optimum use of system processing resources is achieved by running certain FlexiTV algorithms on Nvidia CUDA-enabled GPUs. Since FlexiTV uses separate CUDA compute engines for video decoding, viewers can enjoy high quality standard and high definition broadcast TV reception without additional hardware.

Atkinson also noted that FlexiTV offers a single, software reconfigurable platform for the reception of free-to-air terrestrial TV regardless of regional variations.