Kingston introduces Lynnfield optimized memory kits

San Francisco, Calif. Kingston has announced 4GB DDR3 memory kits optimized for Intel’s LGA1156 Core i5 and Core i7 systems. The  HyperX kit – which runs at a low 1.65 volts – is reportedly designed to faciliate smooth overclocking performance for 1333, 1600, 2000 and 2133MHz frequencies.

The company also confirmed a late September launch date for 1333 and 1600MHz 8GB kits targeted at 64-bit operating systems.

“Intel has worked closely with Kingston on testing HyperX memory for use with the Core i5 platform and P55 chipset,” spun Geof Findley of Intel. “We’ve seen great results from all of the Kingston memory especially the high-performance dual-channel kits. The combination of Kingston HyperX and Core i5 utilizing the Nehalem architecture brings unsurpassed performance for mainstream and enthusiast users.”

Kingston’s Mark Tekunoff expressed similar sentiments.

“Kingston has worked with our terrific partners including Intel, Asus, Gigabyte and MSI worldwide, to develop a series of memory kits that deliver top-notch performance on some of the finest motherboards being launched this week,” said Tekunoff.

“While the 2133MHz modules are engineered for benchmarkers and overclockers, our new 1600MHz frequency is the perfect choice for mainstream users who want to build their own rigs with P55 motherboards and 1156-pin processors.”