Intel comes under pressure from ARM

The biggest contract manufacturer of electronics is putting muscle behind ARM technology rather than Intel chips to create laptops at a premium price.

According to the Taipei Times, Hon Hai (Foxconn) is developing machines using ARM processors in a bid to grasp a large market share in mainland China.

The report claims that Hon Hai is developing five laptops with small screens and is strong arming Intel in a bid to get the chip giant to lower prices on processors used in netbooks and notebooks.

It’s not clear which flavour of ARM will be used to power the notebooks but Qualcomm is showing it wants to aggressively attack Intel in the MID and netbook market.

Sales of netbooks using Intel’s Atom microprocessor have soared over the last year, and Intel is readying a number of fresh chips aimed at the booming sector later this year.

The Taipei Times report is here.