Intel phases out Tigerton quad-core CPUs

Santa Clara (CA) – Intel has begun removing 65 nm quad-core Xeon MP CPUs from its product sheet. The Tigerton processor, which is still among the most capable server CPUs on the market today is being phased out with a final order date of February 12, 2010.

According to a product change notification sent out on Tuesday, Intel is discontinuing five of six quad-core Tigerton processors, including the flagship model X7350. The company also phases out one dual-core Tigerton CPU. The only available Xeon MP 7300/7200 series processors will be the E7310 (1.6 GHz) and the E7210 (2.40 GHz).

Intel announced its Tigerton processors as part of the Caneland MP server platform back in September 2007.

Final boxed version of the phased out Tigerton processors are scheduled to ship on May 14, 2010. The tray versions have a final ship date of August 10, 2012.