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We take it all back. isn’t closing after all.

After an outcry from users, owner Nambu Networks has said it will keep the service operating indefinitely.

The company is still hoping for a buyer – although it’s not doing a particularly encouraging sales job, pointing out that the service will continue to be unable to compete with unless Twitter changes its stance. “ has deep personal connections and agreements with Twitter that we simply cannot compete with,” says Nambu in its blog.

The company says it will only sell to an organisation that will guarantee that the links won’t be hijacked in any way – so a sale to an unknown party is out.

Nambu is also ruling out framing URLs, or adding interstitial advertising to redirects, as some users have suggested. “We will simply never do that out of respect for the fact that users created URLs based on this commitment,” it says. “We do not see that as a viable revenue model as well, as it is not expected or welcomed by the individual visiting a shortened link.”

And, finally, it promises: “This was not a public-relations stunt. At all.”