Man from Orange leaks Apple Tablet details

An interview on French TV with an executive from Orange appears to have let the Apple Tablet cat out of the bag.

Stephane Richard, in an interview said that Apple would launch a tablet computer soon and it would have a webcam.

That suggests Orange has a deal in place with Apple, otherwise how would Monsieur Richard have a clue?

The rumor mill rolls on Apple’s Tablet – with a number of news outlets, including the Wall Street Journal, speculating on the specs of the putative machine.

Other rumors include the operating system that will power the Apple Tablet that still officially doesn’t exist.

The prevailing rumor is that Apple will launch the Tablet towards the end of the month.

Isn’t Apple very clever? Everyone knows that Apple hates it when someone gets hold of future information but everyone also knows that it’s a past master at leaking selected information that will just give it more publicity.

Like TG Daily just did, pour example.