British Airways wants to force Microsoft to be in court

A man suing British Airways over an alleged aircraft accident at London City Airport on February 13 2009 is claiming that because of it he lost his job at Microsoft.

Raymond Hamblin worked for the Global Practices Group of Microsoft and wants damages from BA for both lost income and future earnings.

BA served a subpoena on Microsoft on December 17 last, requesting that a representative knowing the plaintiff’s employment history, work performance and the reasons for his termination appear at deposition.

But Microsoft told BA lawyers that it wouldn’t produce a representative to appear and testify.

And now British Airways has asked the judge presiding over the case to compel a Microsoft rep to appear.

BA’s request said: “Plaintiff alleges that his termination from Microsoft was the direct result of injuries he allegedly sustained in the aircraft accident giving rise to this lawsuit. Documents obained in discovery indicate, however, that plaintiff’s termination was part of a company-wide layoff.”

BA continued: “British Airways has ensured that Microsoft is compensated for  its appearance at the deposition by serving a check payable to Microsoft.”