Asustek preparing a $200 netbook for summer

The advent of the netbook market has been great for budget-conscious consumers, as it has opened up personal computers to people who don’t have $1000 in their pocket.

Now Asustek is making netbook PCs even more accessible, with its cheapest ever computer coming out this June.

Asustek, which has found quite a comfortable niche in the netbook industry, is set to price the device possibly as low as $200, but it could end up being up to $250. Either way, it will be cheaper than almost every other netbook on the market today.

However, it’s believed the computer will not have Windows because licensing costs would be too high to make that price point realistic. Instead, it’s likely Asustek will load it with Android 3.0, or Google’s nascent netbook-specific operating system, Chrome OS.

Asustek has numerous other netbooks in the pipeline, many of which do have a full version of Windows but will be priced around $500. It will introduce new features, though, to sweeten the pot. Having fashionable computers and a cloud computing solution are some of the ideas on the table.