Courtney Love returns to Twitter kicking and screaming

Courtney Love, the poster girl for all things stable, definitely has a checkered past when it comes to Twitter.

Love, who was once quite active on the site, mysteriously vanished after she was sued by fashion designer Dawn Simorangkir for defamation over a tweet.

Most people would have quit right there after a tweet cost them $430,000 in settlement cash, but no, not Courtney.

Finally (allegedly) returning to Twitter, Love has been tweeting incessantly (perhaps trolling for another defamation suit?) under the name @cloverxxxlove.

On Wednesday Love announced her Twitter comeback by attacking Chelsea Handler. Her first tweet back said “@chelseahandler I think you are a leathery idiot and rude. And beyond stupid.”

Perhaps this could be fueled by Love’s jealousy over Chelsea’s new beau, Love’s ex: Andre Balazs.

Since her return, Love has targeted Carrie Fisher, Russell Crowe and a bunch of other celebrities.

She even wrote to media Queen Arianna Huffington, “its courtney, been years but am living in your old house, best fo luck… can i just ask? whats with the colours i feel like im living inside a peacock feather!”

Another tweet sent to rocker Nikki Sixx said “Hey it’s courtney im having atemporary lapse of hilarity, me and my friends are watching with complete disgust and horror at.. a total bourgoise ‘man of wealth and taste’ bro-ing dow @chelseahandler aus with jello shots dribbling down to his pot belly.”

Perhaps it could be a hoax… or it could her rocker mentality hard at work.

Either way, welcome back Courtney!!!

[Via Gawker]